Traveling to JFK airport doesn’t have to be a hassle. Instead, why don’t you enjoy premier airport car service? Never worry about navigating through the hectic traffic and missing your flight. Our chauffeurs are seasoned motorists who will make sure you arrive safely and on time. With Imperial Limo Worldwide, airport travel becomes stress-free and enjoyable. Our hassle-free policy also means that you can book the best airport car service in town in less than a minute – wherever you are! Fill out our online booking form and we’ll have all the information we need to provide an outstanding car service to JFK – no follow-up call needed!

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Why choose car service to jfk airport

Time is money, and wasting time stuck in traffic can cost you real money. You need an experienced local chauffeur who knows the ins and outs of NYC. That’s exactly what you get with Imperial Limo Worldwide! Our chauffeurs undergo rigorous skills testing and reference checks. We employ NYC natives who can maneuver through the rush hour easily. Real pros never rush it, but still get you to your destination on time and in style! Imperial Limo Worldwide is a luxury brand. If you want an exuberant JFK airport car service, this is what we provide. We believe that every drive should be a pleasure coupled with efficiency. Lavish vehicle interiors and amenities, your own private chauffeurs and a modern vehicle all create an aura of exclusivity.

why are we #1 car service

Imperial Limo Worldwide offers flat rates for superior JFK airport car service. This is how we make sure you pay exactly what we agreed – there are no additional charges or hidden costs. We have built a solid business by not overcharging our customers because we had a long-term vision – providing impeccable car service to JFK at fixed affordable rates. That is how we earned the trust of customers throughout NYC and, in turn, developed a vast repeat and referral business. Some our services
At Imperial Limo Worldwide, we believe that punctuality is the essence of a great car service, and especially great airport car service. We are adamant that all our chauffeurs are on time, every time.Punctuality is never ever compromised. Insisting on punctuality has built our reputation and directly benefited our business. As a luxury JKF airport car service, we equip all our vehicles with free Wi-Fi for your maximum convenience. Most of our clients are business people who need to work immediately after they land, which means that our vehicles become their on-the-road office. We value our clients’ time and business and go an extra mile to provide as much technical support as possible. We provide more than just an efficient airport car service – we provide a luxurious brand image so you can make a powerful statement whenever you travel to and from JFK.
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How long does customs take at JFK?

Since JFK is an international airport, you will need to go through customs upon arriving at the airport. Unfortunately, JFK is the biggest and busiest airport in New York City, so you should plan to spend a certain amount of time going through all the checks.

Clearing customs can take from 10 to 15 minutes if you’re a US citizen or you’ve been to the country before. However, if this is your first time in the US, you may need up to 30 minutes to get through customs and even an hour and a half for customs, immigration, and luggage.

This piece of information can be quite useful if you’re on a tight schedule and need to go to another airport or have a car service waiting for you. Luckily, with Imperial Limo Worldwide, you don’t have to worry about this. We track incoming flights and offer free waiting time of up to 60 minutes for international flights if you’re late. We put our customers first – always!

What is an airport concierge?

If you’re visiting NYC or US for the very first time, you may find it helpful to book airport concierge services. An airport concierge is an individual who will greet you and help you around the airport. They can carry your luggage, help you go through certain checks, or even provide you with airport transportation.

In general, you can book:

  • An independent company that offers airport concierge services. They specialize solely in rendering this type of service. Of course, you’re generally able to choose between different packages and service add-ons.
  • An airport transportation company that offers a “meet and greet” option. In this case, your service provider will offer primarily transportation services while enabling you to add a meet-and-greet bonus.

Here at Imperial Limo Worldwide, we offer an all-in-one solution to our clients: airport transportation, meet and greet, and superior customer care. You can choose your driver to greet you at the airport, help you with your luggage, and offer you first-class service. Count on maximum convenience when traveling with us!

How much does an airport greeter cost?

The cost of a “meet-and-greet” package will vary depending on the provider. You should be able to request a quote or see a company’s rates online. However, you may have to pay more when booking with a specialized airport concierge company as this is their primary business.

On the other hand, airport transportation companies typically offer this service at a lower price since this is simply an add-on that you can include. So, this may be a budget-friendlier option.

If you book with Imperial Limo Worldwide, you can count on full transparency and honesty. Our fees are available to our customers upon booking. You just need to pick your desired package and you’ll get an accurate quote. If you want our chauffeur to greet you at the airport, you just need to include this service bonus. We’ll never surprise you with extra fees!

How far is LGA to JFK?

If you need to switch between LGA and JFK for an international flight, you should plan ahead and take traffic and distance into consideration. LaGuardia Airport is around 10 miles away from JFK. However, since NYC is quite busy, you may need up to 90 minutes to go from one airport to another.

Of course, when you rely on Imperial Limo Worldwide to provide you with airport car service, you can count on stellar service. We know all the routes from LGA to JFK and will do our best to avoid any traffic jams and unnecessary delays. We’re here to make sure your trip goes as smoothly as possible!

How far is JFK from Manhattan?

JFK Airport and Manhattan are located 18 miles from each other. You will need around 30 or 35 minutes to reach Manhattan if you take I-678 N or I-495 W. An alternative route is via Grand Central Pkwy and you’ll need approximately the same time to get to your destination.

Taking the train is another option, but you’ll need to switch between two lines and cover some distance on foot. In this case, you will need more than an hour to get to Manhattan. You should also take traffic into account in both situations.

Of course, turning to Imperial Limo Worldwide is an all-in-one solution for your traveling needs. Our chauffeurs know the JFK-Manhattan area in detail, so rest assured they can take you to the heart of NYC in no time. We’ll greet you at the airport and welcome you into our word-class car, ready to deliver a deluxe service.

How do I get from LGA to JFK?

Believe it or not, JFK and LGA are both located in Queens, only on the opposite sides. However, switching from one airport to another is sometimes no easier than going to EWR that’s located in Newark.

Luckily, with some preparation and planning, you’ll be able to avoid city crowds and get to the airport on time for your flight. So, if you need to go from LGA to JFK, you will have the following options:

  • Uber: Both locals and visitors often choose Uber as their primary means of transportation around the city. While it’s slightly more affordable than taxi, you’ll probably need to wait a bit more to get a ride.
  • Taxi: Although you can catch a taxi on almost every corner, you should be ready to pay a hefty price. Not only will you have to pay a standard fee, but you’ll also need to cover the tip and help with your luggage.
  • Bus: You can also travel by bus, but you’ll need more time to reach the airport. There are private bus companies that charge reasonably priced tickets. However, buses typically follow a fixed schedule and make multiple stops on their way to the airport.
  • Shuttle: If you’re considering solely the cost, this will be your cheapest option to get from LGA to JFK. However, a shuttle doesn’t have a fixed schedule and you always need to check for availability. You can never be certain that you’ll arrive on time if you travel by shuttle.
  • Car service: Booking with an airport transportation company is the preferred choice among a great number of travelers. If you book your own car, you won’t have to worry about delays, availability, crowds, and traffic jams. Your chauffeur will always show up at the agreed time, offer you exceptional customer care, and provide you with the utmost convenience.

If you want to have your peace of mind and know that you’ll never be late for your flight, Imperial Limo Worldwide is the way to go! Our team of chauffeurs is highly professional, experienced, qualified, and discrete. We’ll arrange for your airport transportation just the way you want to and ensure you travel in comfort and style.

Who offers premium car service to JFK Airport?

Imperial Limo Worldwide is the best answer! We’re the leading company for transportation services, offering our clients a convenient way to reach their destination. Our chauffeurs strive to deliver above-par service and make your trip to and from the airport hassle-free.

What’s more, we’re here for your other transportation needs, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to visit some of the city’s landmarks. You can also count on us to personalize your service and include certain add-ons for a higher level of comfort and luxury. Discover how easy it is to get around NYC with us!