All about NBA All-Star Game 2022

With the fresh air of arrival of spring, there comes the season of the national basketball association all-star game that will be held in Atlanta in February. The history of the game is very unique as the series began in 1903 between New Zealand and the newly founded AL Boston. However, in 1904, the New Zealand players refused to play with Boston, in 1905 the series was resumed, and in 1992 a seven games format standard was built. 

You will be able to watch a sizzling performance between a Los Angeles Lakers and Brooklyn nets again with the captains LeBron James and Kevin Durant respectively. Both of the captains have already chosen their teams in the first League in 2018 and have chosen their charities. 

Enjoy an All-Star Celebrity Game

All-star celebrity game will be held on Friday and fans can get a chance to watch their favorite celebrities showing their basketball skills. Save your tickets to watch your loved celebrities playing basketball. 

Saturday Events of the All-Star Game

As per the announcement of NDA, there will be three main events are the Saturday including the 3 point contest, revamped skill challenge, and the slam dunk contest. It will contain three teams each of three players. The skills challenge includes different skills like shooting, ball handling, and passing abilities. It showcases the talent of new players of both teams and shows athleticism, creativity, and training. Each round has different rules and includes a panel of five judges and they give scores out of 10 to the players. 

Rising Stars Challenge

The rising star challenge is the most interesting and probably the most anticipated event of the game. The League ignites players would be present for the first time during the challenge. The photo of players from the ignite league will join the teams of both the teams making 28 number players. It is the topmost opportunity for the upcoming star players to play against each other. Till 1990 there was a rule that only the players of the first year can compete but in 2015 rules changed according to which new top members can compete with each other by taking their places in both the teams and so that the total number of players are now 28 from 24.

Common Rules and How it is Played?

The game is played under the normal rules of the NBA but is slightly different from the normal basketball game. All stars are selected by fans, players, and media players. The game allows you to see spectacular slam dunks and some good play of basketball. The final score is higher than a common NBA game. The last half of the game is more competitive and less score margin is left.

The Overall Atmosphere of the Game

The overall atmosphere of the game is really lit and every player gets full attention and protocol. Each player’s induction is accompanied by fanfare, lighting, and music. Uniforms are specially made for players each year usually in red and blue colors. The stadium is always an interesting place to go and enjoy video family and friends and see the most hyped game basketball game of the year.

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