Best Amusement Parks in Washington DC

Wonder wheel in an amusement park

Nothing could be more fun for your kids than the amusement parks in Washington, DC. If you are from DC and want to take your kids to an amusement park, then you won’t have to go further. The joy and laughter of your children will be all over the place. These amusement parks have rides for people of every age, meaning that the parents can also have fun. 

Six Flags America, MD, and Funland, DE, are at the top of the list of amusement parks in Washington, DC. Whether you are planning a day trip to these parks or want to enjoy some rides there, these places are second to none in DC. 

Best Amusement Parks in Washington DC

No. Whether you are with your buddies, family, or kids, Washington, DC, has a place for your amusement. There are dozens of amusement parks near Washington DC, featuring roller coasters, water slides, theme-based sections and much more. Following are some of the best amusement parks in Washington, DC.

Kings Dominion

If you are planning to have a fun day trip with your family and want to enjoy yourself in the process, then Kings Dominion is your best bet. This amusement park is approximately one hour’s drive from Washington, DC. Here, there are two separate ride sections, one for families and one for those who are up for a thrill. Along with these two, the third section for kids contains all the amusement your kids need. 

As for its top ride, the roller coaster here is the best in the town. With outrageous turns and falls, the thrill here is breathtaking. If you are with your friends and want to enjoy the thrill of an ultimate roller coaster ride, then hop in. Moreover, there’s a “soak city,” a water park in the park, where you can enjoy yourself with your friends and family. All in all, this place is a must-visit because it has everything for everyone.

Six Flags America

Just a 30-minute ride from downtown, Six Flags America features more than 90 rides for people of every age. These rides include a roller coaster, water slides, tea cups, balloon rides, etc. Mainly known for its thrilling roller coaster, there are six themed sections in the park. Unlike Kings Dominion, these are not separated by a certain age. Instead, most of these are only for a teenager or older. 

As most of these rides are for adults, there isn’t much for kids in this park. However, as this is a themed park, DC fans have a lot to explore here. Wonder Woman’s Lasso of Truth is among the best things to in here. Thus, if you are scared of rides or have kids alongside you, you can explore other things as well.


We all have tasted Hershey’s famous chocolates, and kids especially love these. Like in Disney movies, Washington DC has a theme park based on Hershey’s chocolate called the Hersheypark. Get your kids to this amazing place this weekend and enjoy this paradise of chocolate. This park features many rides specifically made for kids, but no worries, you can enjoy the chocolates. 

There are water slides and other kinds of rides, along with 15 roller coasters. Remember, this is a family park and get’s crowded in the evening. Even the roads are full of traffic, and it’s a hassle to travel in such a rush, which is why for your convenience, you should hire a private car service in Washington, DC. Whether your destination is close by or far away, having a car service is a lifesaver. 

Kalorama Park

If we were to suggest you a perfect place for a family trip, then this would be it. Kalorama Park has amazing scenery, including a vast urban area. This park is for people of all ages and, as mentioned earlier, is best for a family. Whether you are planning a family picnic or planning to go somewhere peaceful to spend some quality time with your family, this is your best value. 

As this is one of the best destinations in DC, there is also the hassle of driving to and from Kalorama Park. For your convenience, Imperial Limo Worldwide suggests that you should choose a vehicle from our fleets, and we will take you there without the stress of you being worried about all the traveling hassle.