Best Car Service to JFK

Is Private Car Service to JFK is Better than Taxi or Uber?

When you’re looking for a car service to airport JFK, there’s no reason you should settle for the first thing you can find. While taxis and Ubers may seem like the most convenient option, they simply cannot measure up to the best car service to JFK, as provided by dedicated and experienced car services specializing in airport transportation.

Here are some of the reasons why you should always choose a private car service over taxi or Uber.

Flat Rates

The best car service to airport JFK will have a flat rate that you will know up front. The price wouldn’t fluctuate depending on the route the chauffeur is taking, or the traffic (which can be pretty hectic in NYC).

Why is this great?

Because taxi and Uber drivers would rarely negotiate the price up front. Instead, they would turn the meter on, so you wouldn’t know how much you need to pay before you even get into the vehicle.

Background and Reference Checks of Drivers

The Best Car Service to JFK​

When it comes to who they employ, the best car services to JFK will always make sure their employees are vetted professionals. For example, Imperial Limo Worldwide runs a series of detailed reference and background experience checks of every driver before we hire them. We also do random drug testing just to make sure we hire only the most reliable chauffeurs.

On the other hand, a TNC company like Uber doesn’t usually conduct face-to-face interviews, background checks and random drug tests. That means that they cannot guarantee absolute trustworthiness of their drivers.

Professional Chauffeurs

A professional chauffeur is different from a taxi driver in many ways. For example, a chauffeur employed by the best JFK airport car service will know when to keep their distance and give the client the privacy they want. They maintain a polite, respectful and courteous distance, which may not be the case with Uber or taxi drivers.

What’s more, a professional chauffeur is well-dressed and well-mannered, which contributes to the impeccable car service experience.


The best JFK car service should be as easy to book as 1-2-3. The most efficient car service providers make it convenient for their clients to book online, with no follow-up calls needed. What’s more, they will always send reminders to the client, so the only thing the client needs to think about is filling out the booking form with the necessary information.


A professional car service will account for various pick-up options, such as curbside pick-up and meet and greet. The price of the service may be different for different pick-ups, and included in the flat rate structure. You can choose the option that works best for you and communicate it when booking.

With Ubers and taxis, this is typically not the case, so you will either have to look for your vehicle at the airport, risking misplacing some of your luggage, or something worse.


TNC companies typically carry out yearly inspections of the vehicles in their service. This is not enough to guarantee the client a 100% safe ride. On the other hand, a private car service to JFK will have all the vehicles in their fleet inspected more frequently because customer safety comes first.

What’s more, a private car service means you can choose the vehicle you want and travel in style that is aligned with your own.

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Best Car Service to JFK

Imperial Limo Worldwide is renowned for punctual, reliable and luxurious car service to JFK, Newark, LaGuardia and other airports in and near NYC. We employ professional chauffeurs who are NYC locals, which means they know the quickest and safest routes. Also, we boast a modern fleet of vehicles for you to choose from, and an unparalleled customer service.

Contact us today to book a premier car service to airport JFK!