Best Way To Get From JFK To Manhattan

Hire a Limo to get From JFK to Manhattan

John F. Kennedy is probably one of the biggest and busiest airports in New York City. It is farthest from Manhattan and it takes a lot of time and money to reach Manhattan. Traveling from the airport to the city can be a very charming experience but you feel a lot of hassle in managing the time and cost of travel. If you do not feel uncomfortable with public transport then that is the most easiest and convenient option. If you are looking for something different and more comfy then you can hire a luxury limo with a trained chauffeur to take you to Manhattan. Here are a few options to take you from JFK airport to Manhattan.

Taking a Taxi

Traveling by taxi is a convenient option yet it costs you a lot of money. According to the rules of New York City and a general estimate you can get a taxi for about 50 to 52 Dollars. It can be the slowest transportation because of the rush hours and busy traffic schedules of the city. Using a taxi is preferable if you are new in Manhattan city and are unaware of the routes. If you have come from a long flight with a lot of luggage then it is fine to travel by taxi where you can sit back and relax till you reach your destination. If you are traveling with a large group then hiring a taxi is favorable because it would cost you less as compared to purchasing separate tickets for the train.

Peak hours the charges of a taxi can be high but certain rules are taken not to charge you above $10. Always go for an official taxi that you can find at each terminal of an airport.

Traveling through Airport Shuttles

Airport shuttles are very professional and secure companies that provide ground transportation from the airport to different cities. For group travel, these airport transportation services are very convenient. Once you reach the airport you can go to the information desk and check the timing of the airport shuttle. But keep in mind that there would be other passengers and it would take some time to reach your destination as the shuttle would have to drop people at different places. Mostly the pricing and timing of the schedule of airport shuttles are given and you can check beforehand.

Through Commuter Train

The commuter train is the fastest way to get into the city from the airport and has connections running throughout the city. From Subway, you would need to take an air train to Jamaica station and then to Manhattan. You should buy the tickets from the ticket office because purchasing them on the train can be costly. It cost about $7 per person to reach Manhattan through the commuter or air train. From Penn Station, it takes about 25 minutes to get to Manhattan and you can get a taxi to reach your final destination. 

Hiring a Private Car Or Transportation

The most convenient and luxurious option is to hire a private car or transportation If you are looking for a luxury car like a Mercedes,  Chevy, Cadillac and you want to experience the best of the rides from JFK to Manhattan then we have got the ideal JFK airport car service for you. We have got the best cars and professional chauffeurs to treat and greet you with respect and take you to your favorite place anywhere in Manhattan.