Bethesda Terrace in New York, NY

Bethesda Terrace is an iconic and beloved public park in the heart of New York City, embodying a long and vibrant history. Located in Central Park, Bethesda Terrace’s most striking feature is the elaborate terraced fountain, whose impressive architecture and beauty have attracted visitors since its completion in 1873. The surrounding landscape reflects a 19th-century desire to provide an immersive art and architecture experience, with lush gardens and graceful trees framing the terrace’s grandiosity. Beyond the obvious visual attractions, Bethesda Terrace has served multiple purposes, supporting a range of public and private events and activities, from film shoots and theatrical performances to memorials and political rallies. This article will provide an overview of the history, design, and activities of Bethesda Terrace, uncovering its unique place in New York City’s history and culture. Information can be found here.

The terrace’s fountain is its centerpiece, rising 26 feet tall in a tiered design. Its upper tier is 33 feet in diameter, while its lower tier is 27 feet in diameter. The fountain is decorated with a variety of sculptures and features, including a pair of mermen,  two sea lions, two dolphins, and two nude figurines representing the Old and New Testaments. The terrace also features two grottos, which were installed after the fountain’s construction. Both of these are decorated with images of flora and fauna, and one is topped with a sculpture of a woman, who is thought to represent the biblical figure of Bethesda. Discover facts about Central Park Carousel: An Iconic New York Landmark.