Exploring the Ever-Exciting World of Strawberry Fields, New York, NY

New York City’s Strawberry Fields, located inside Central Park, is one of the most iconic places in the city and a must-visit for travelers and locals alike. Founded by John Lennon in 1985 and named after the Beatles song of the same name, Strawberry Fields is a lush, peaceful sanctuary of towering trees, winding paths, and, of course, the stunning Imagine mosaic. From walking and relaxing amongst the vegetation to watching iconic performances, Strawberry Fields is a place that offers a world of adventure. The first thing to do upon arriving at Strawberry Fields is to take in the Imagine mosaic. This tiled artwork, created in memory of John Lennon and his practice of peace and love, serves as a vibrant and captivating backdrop to the park and its grounds. Visitors come from all around the world to be in the presence of the mosaic and pay homage to the late musician and activist. Information can be found here.

Once you’ve snapped some selfies in front of the mosaic, it’s time to explore the rest of the park. Strawberry Fields has a great selection of sprawling paths and gardens just begging to be explored. You can pass the time strolling along the meandering paths, admiring the diverse plant life, and picnicking with friends. If you’re looking for an especially romantic spot, be sure to check out the Strawberry Fields Forever Labyrinth, where you can wander through a gorgeous hedge maze, taking in the natural and tranquil beauty of your surroundings. Discover facts about A Visit to Idyllic Wagner Cove, New York: Experience Nature and Relaxation at its Best.