What Is FBO?

A fixed-based operator is an organization that accommodates the rights to operate at an airport, serving enhanced aeronautical services in airline travel. In simpler terms, FBO maintains complete comfort and privacy travel to private jets and aircraft. There are different services that FBO offer, including regular flight instructions, aircraft rental, and maintenance. In a nutshell, FBO is a private aircraft terminal, and not every airport accommodates it.

Role Description 

Commercial enterprisers used to gain the rights of being an FBO by the airport authority to operate and provide various aviation services. Mostly it worked on the ground of any public airport, offering and managing flight planning assistance, passenger lounges, fuel management, and more. 

FBO is quite different between the smaller, remote airport and larger airports. For the former ones, mainly its town or airport authority that offer FBO, but for the larger airport that serves different cities, privately owned FBO do the job. FBOs located in the primary or larger airport can also have private sleeping rooms, showers, and hanger space, 

Services Offered By FBO

In the aeronautical or aviation world, FBO is a golden standard in airline travel that might offer maximum value to passengers and airport authorities. There is a range of services that FBO offers. Some of these services are subjected to the approval of national or civil aviation authorities. The scope and range varied. Some of the most common and essential services include the following.

Aviation Fuel 

Primarily all FBO services include providing/managing aviation fuel, including jet fuel, fuel for piston engines, and turbine-powered aircraft. 


FBOs are bound to offer short- and long-term parking depending on the needs and demand. Outdoor parking and limited hangar space also can be available tailored to the jet’s needs.

Line Services

Although the extent of service varies for different FBOs, they mainly offer line service. The interior and exterior cleaning of aircraft is provided. Lavatory servicing is also included in line services.

Repair & Maintenance

Aircraft maintenance and repair can be performed under Fixed Based Operator. The scope of service depends on various factors and can be customized according to the demand.

Customs Services 

FBO and FBO personnel can collate the customs service and deal with the paperwork on behalf of the aircraft crew. 

Flight Planning & Flight Crew Lounge

Fixed Based Operators also serve flight planning by dealing with telecommunication equipment for weather updates and flight plan dealings. It also offers dedicated rest areas for the transient crew by providing a flight crew lounge. 

Benefits Of Airport FBOs To Passengers

A range of services can be considered extended by FBOs, including aerial photography, aircraft catering, restaurant facilities, pilot training, and much more. The central idea is to offer the maximum service to passengers. Some of the dominant benefits of airport FBOs to passenger includes the following,

  • Luxury amenities.
  • Excellent client services.
  • Professional and experienced flight crew.
  • Quick boarding and check-in procedures.
  • Enhanced private and laid-back experience.

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