Five Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Limo Service

Why You Should Choose Luxury Car Services Over Ride-share Services

Hiring a Limo service is surely a luxurious way to travel and enjoy your special occasions. For any purpose, a limousine is suitable because of its class and comfort. But not every Limo company is perfect and not every car ride is the same. Choosing the perfect limo service to make your occasion unique is undoubtedly a very detailed task and it seems hard to find the perfect riding partner for you. But being the best Limo providers for years we have gathered five questions that you can ask to confirm your perfect travel choice.

Is there a Variety in Cars and Seating Capacity?

The choice of car depends upon your occasion and the requirement of your seating capacity. For a more private affair, you can have a small and comfy car like a Sedan. It is also the perfect choice for corporate transportation and business meetings.

To accommodate all your wedding guests or hold pre-wedding parties and private celebrations you can have SUV or sprinters. It is perfect for 4 to 6 passengers.

For traveling with friends and family you can also book stretch limousines that are perfect for about 10 to 20 passengers. There are also vehicles that accommodate up to 55 passengers. The Limo Company that offers a variety of vehicles and has a vast fleet is generally better as you have maximum options according to your need.

Are their Chauffeurs well Trained and Safe?

The quality of your travel depends upon the person who is driving your vehicle. A limo company that has well-trained chauffeurs is the best. You must ensure that the chauffeur has gone through drug testing and has a proper driving record. They must be vaccinated for COVID-19 to keep you and your travel safe. A professional chauffeur will keep all his focus on driving and not interfering in your private matters. They should also be trained enough to help you out with the luggage and take care of your comfort during travel. 

Do they Offer Packages for Different Events?

The third important thing to consider is whether they offer different packages for events like weddings, Christmas, valentines, occasional games, and concerts. The packages mostly cost you less and are better to accommodate all your traveling requirements. The limo company that is supportive in providing you with the best discount on price should be your priority.  

What are Hourly and Per Day Charges and Does the Route Needs to be Finalized?

For most Limo companies the hourly and per day charges are considerably different and it costs you less to hire a limo for one day rather than for specific hours. You should confirm the payment and then calculate which option would be better for you. The charges are also dependent upon the route you take. In this case, you need to have a predetermined route to save your money. A limo company that makes their preference to take you to your destination within time is better than the one that is focused upon the charges only.

Is there any Hidden Cost or Extra Service Charges?

Lastly, the Limo Company should be very transparent regarding their charges and there should be no extra or hidden cost. Everything about the details of your booking should be pre-decided and to your knowledge. If you are looking for extra services like beverages, refreshments, and a bar then you should confirm what would be their charges and the level of facilities they provide so that you have a stressful free luxurious ride that you deserve.