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6 Tips for Getting Around EWR

Newark Liberty International Airport is fairly busy, hosting both international and domestic flights. Learning how to get around EWR easily can save you valuable time, especially if you get a few insider tricks and guidelines. Whether you’re staying in NYC or traveling to some other destination, this can make your trip much less tiring and much more enjoyable.

Additionally, preparation is key for getting the most of your NYC visit if you’re planning to stay for several days. From finding out what you can do close to EWR to scheduling car service to Newark Airport on your way back, just a few simple steps can take away the stress. But, how are you supposed to get around EWR in the first place?

Is Newark Airport Easy to Get Around?

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As an international airport, EWR can get quite busy and hectic, but getting around can become a breeze after you get to know the airport. Additionally, it’s smaller than JFK, so you’ll have less ground to cover.

However, no matter how small or big an airport is, getting through all the checks and reaching the gate is quite easy if you take some time to prepare.

How do you Get Around Newark Airport?

If you don’t fly frequently by plane or just find this experience overwhelming, you can take a few steps to make your trips to and from Newark and NYC more enjoyable.

  1. Consider the time of day. If you want to avoid crowds, you should consider booking an early or late flight. You can expect the airport to be most crowded from 2 p.m to even 8 p.m. at times.
  2. Check your flight status. If you want to be right on schedule or you have a chauffeur waiting for you upon your arrival, you can track your flight online. The official EWR website offers this convenient option that can be quite useful in certain situations.
  3. Have your documents ready. When traveling from EWR, you should have all your travel documents ready. This can speed up the check-in and security checks, so make sure to have everything within easy reach.
  4. Follow TSA regulations. To avoid getting held at a security check, make sure to follow the required TSA regulations on liquids, medications, and other items.
  5. Schedule car service in advance. If you need to go from EWR to Manhattan or some other part of NYC, booking a car service is the best option since it’ll save you time and effort, especially if you don’t know your way around the city.
  6. Book a “meet and greet”. If this is your first time landing at Newark Airport and you have no idea how to get around or need help with luggage, consider having your chauffeur greet you at the gate. This is typically a service add-on that can be quite convenient, especially if you want to impress potential business partners or clients.
Can You Store Luggage at Newark Airport?

Having a place to store your luggage at the airport is quite convenient if you’re spending just a few hours or a day in NYC. Although EWR doesn’t have any lockers, it does offer baggage storage in Terminal C. However, this option is available solely to passengers of a particular airline and you cannot store your belongings without an ID and a ticket.

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Some other convenient options may include storing your luggage in one of the surrounding hotels. For this, you typically need to pay a small fee.

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