How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Limo?

The cost of limo services depends upon many factors including the type of the vehicle, the time limit that you want, and the additional services that Limo companies can offer. Limousines are probably the oldest way of traveling in class and comfort. They are hired at different occasions including roadshows, corporate transport, airport transport, weddings, parties, wine spot visits, tourism, fashion shows, and concerts. They are a fascination for royals, celebrities as well as common people. With the concept of traveling in a limousine, you can imagine a smooth ride, comfortable seats, refreshments, bar, light and sound systems, and complete privacy. To enhance your overall nomadic experience and make a perfect impression on your guests, friends, or colleagues many Limo rental companies are there offering different services.

Price Based On Vehicle

The cost of a Limo service is directly dependent on the vehicle that you choose. The quality of your travel is linked with condition and type of car. Generally, for large groups, people always prefer party buses or mini-coaches that can lodge about 10 to 15 riders.

The average sum is from $100 to $200 per hour or more. For a smaller group a family of 8 to 10 members, you can have Mercedes, Sprinters, or High roofs. They usually fare 100 to 150 dollars per hour. Interestingly if you hire a limousine for a day its rental should be low as compared to the per hour price.

For Sedan, Audi, and Mercedes, preferable for one to two passengers the price should be about 70 to 80 dollars per hour. They have more comfortable and spacious cars specially designed to maintain your privacy and security so they cost higher. To encamp 6 to 8 clients you can have an average or large size limo that costs from 95 to 250 dollars. You can also hire a stretch limo for a party or a prom that retails 100 to 300 Dollars and can provide the seating capacity for 7 to 9 passengers. 

Price Depending Upon The Event

The price of the Limo depends upon your event if it is a wedding, roadshow, concert, or a tourism spot. For a destination wedding, or a specific wedding location, the price of a limousine is per hour or per night. It ranges from 70 to $1000 based upon the vehicle that you are hiring and the seating requirements that you demand. For stretch hummer, the price is 400 to $900. Cadillac can cost you about 400 to 600 dollars per hour. However, there are wedding packages and offers given by companies that can be price-effective. 

To rent a limo for a night, throwing a party you can expect to pay about 90 to 150 Dollars per hour on weekdays. At weekends the price is considerably high and is from 250 to $1000 per night. For a birthday or a high school prom, there are special discounts for teenagers or students. However, the rental is about 100 to 250$ depending upon the time limit of your booking.

Time and Location of Booking

At weekends, the price of limo booking is usually more than on weekdays. So, make your plans between Mondays to Friday. The rental per day or for multiple days is less as compared to the hourly limo service. So, if you are unsure about the timing go for a 12 hour or full-day booking. The price is according to your location, if you want to travel in a city the price would be less and if you want the Limo ride from one city to another then you should expect to pay more. While booking a ride if there is a large group it costs you less as compared to a ride for two or more people.