How To Get From New York Airports To Manhattan

How to get from New York airports to Manhattan

If you are new in Manhattan then traveling from the airport can be very hectic and costly. Talking about JFK airport, it is the busiest and largest airport in the city with thousands of people traveling on daily basis. Finding proper transportation from the airport to the hotel or any other place can be difficult sometimes. Generally, there are plenty of options you can take to reach your desired places.

If you are comfortable using public transport, then traveling by subway is the best option. However, the subway is always busy and it takes a lot of time.  

You can also hire a taxi or a cab. But this option can be availed if you are traveling with a group. A taxi can roughly cost about 80$, but if you are a group of two to three people it would be 20$ to 30$ dollars each. A convenient option is going by air train but you must know the map and the in and out of different stops in the city.

From JFK Airport To Manhattan

There are several ways you can travel to and from JFK airport. You can use the subway, air train, or get a car service from JFK to Manhattan. Subway is the easiest and the most used medium for traveling and costs you about 10$. It usually takes anywhere between 1-2 hours to reach the destination. The process to travel is very simple all you need is to swipe your Metro card and take the train. The total boarding process takes about 8 to 10 minutes before you start to travel. Because it is a time taking process and you may have to wait more than 30 minutes during the rush hours, people with precious time usually look for other means to travel. 

Another way of traveling is through the air train. It covers the long island railroad from Penn Station to Jamaica. It is usually free unless you begin or finish your journey in Jamaica. It takes about 20 minutes to reach the required destination and the fair at peak times is about $10. At weekends the ticket price is considerably low and you may end up paying $4.

Traveling through a taxi is a hassle-free and stress-free method but it costs you higher than an air train. Plus, during the rush hours of the day, you may get stuck in the traffic and get late for your important meeting or flight.

Travel From LaGuardia Airport

Astoria Blvd is the cheapest route from LaGuardia airport and costs about $2. All you need to do is swipe your metro card at the station to Astoria Blvd.

You can also opt for a taxi and look for a taxi kiosk the famous yellow cabs of New York City. However, looking up for a taxi at the last moment can waste a lot of time so it is better to hire a taxi beforehand. The Lyft and Uber apps are also very useful and they can be your exclusive travel partners. 

Newark Airport

At Newark airport, there is no transportation from 2 a.m. to 5 a.m. It is a bit costly and the ticket is about $15 from the airport to New York Penn station. They also offer a package at New York Penn station which includes the ticket of your air train and New Jersey train. The ride is about 11 minutes and to reach Manhattan, you will travel approximately for 30 minutes.

Express Bus Service

Express bus service is the best mode of public transportation at convenient prices. You will reach your destination in about 30 minutes and have to pay $17 from the airport to Manhattan. There are three common bus stops in Manhattan including Park authority, Grand Central Station, and Bryant Park station. From here you will find the Subway to your hotel or any other meeting place. During peak hours, this bus service is suitable and takes you anywhere in Manhattan in about 40 to 60 minutes.

Other Transportation Modes

There are some other transportation options that you can avail yourself of easily. New York City is perhaps the biggest metropolitan network with busy airports but there are many transportation options according to your budget and choice.

Airport Shuttle

Airport shuttle service is similar to private car service but it can take some time because you are not the only passenger in the van. It is a convenient option for those who do not want to travel through the subway or do not book any car service or cab. The fare is different for different companies and depends upon the quality of shuttle service they provide. Generally, you can check the fare schedule and the number of stops with the help of the manual given.


Renting a taxi is another option if you are traveling with a group of friends or a family. It would be your private transport to your destination but booking a taxi during the rush hours can cost you more as the fare is high and you can also get stuck in the traffic.  A taxi is a good option if you are traveling in a group so that the fare is divided by each member.

Limo Service

What is better than traveling with class and comfort? After a tiring long flight, nothing would be more relaxing than the leather back seat of a limousine. If you are looking for a car service in NYC you can book it from a private company. But always remember to choose a limo company that has got a large fleet and good feedback from its clients so that you can travel in style and without any worry.