How you can get to Chicago Skyline from Indiana Dunes

a horizontal, color photograph of urban city buildings in Chicago, Illinois. At dusk the sky begins to change colors over Lake Michigan.

The Chicago Skyline is not that far. You can get to Chicago Skyline from Indiana Dunes by bus, car, private car service, train, or flight. All of these options are available for this approximately 50 miles travel.   

The Chicago Skyline has the tallest buildings in the world and four of the eight tallest buildings in the United States. The Willis Tower, the fifth-tallest skyscraper in the world, is a feature of the Chicago skyline. Many businesses, shopping centers, and brands call these structures home. When you look at these huge concrete structures from nearby areas, they look like beautiful scenery.  

How you can get to Chicago Skyline from Indiana Dunes

So, you are traveling to the Chicago Skyline, and most probably, you are on a business trip. However, you can’t yet decide what transportation service to choose for this excursion. Worry not! This blog will take you through all the options and describe the pros and cons of each service.   

An important thing to note here is that you won’t be able to reach the Chicago Skyline directly from any public transportation, including trains and flights. For this, you have to hire a private car service, which will drop you exactly where you want.   


From Indianapolis Station in Indiana, you can take a train to Union Station in Chicago and continue on to your destination there. Once you have arrived at the station, you can take a taxi or another form of public transportation in the direction of the Chicago Skyline. 

Train travel is an option that won’t break the bank, and the Chicago Union Station isn’t that far away from the Skyline either. Therefore, taking a train will be an excellent mode of transportation to choose from. You will only need to walk a few blocks to reach your destination, and the path you will take there is perfectly secure. 


The nearest airport to the Chicago Skyline is the Chicago Midway International Airport. It is not ideal because you will have to go further than 10 miles to get to the Skyline. However, this is a better option considering the length of time it would take you and the stress it will cause you to travel by train. 

Because air travel is so convenient and comfortable, it is an option that everybody may consider. When it comes to services, none of the other transportation options come close to matching the quality of this one. 


Local transportation like the bus is a great way to travel if you are looking for an affordable option and want to stay in a single vehicle for most of the excursion. These provide services around multiple city areas, and you can find a bus station almost on every corner.   

As this option is affordable, its services have some issues. First and foremost is the lack of comfort, because you wouldn’t be traveling alone. Additionally, the lack of convenience that comes with it is also worth noticing. That’s why we recommend using other transport options. However, if you still want to travel in only one vehicle for the whole excursion and somehow want comfort and convenience, consider hiring a private car service.   

Private Car Service  

This service is ideal for this kind of trip and other domestic travel. A private car service isn’t shared like the other services, and you don’t need to worry about convenience while traveling. Another perk of these services is punctuality; you will be picked up at the exact time and reach your destination at the time mentioned.   

However, private car services like Uber and Careem cost a bit more. Also, passengers sometimes complain about the immature behavior of drivers. Because these services hire local drivers and, after a short procedure, add them to their company, these types of things are expected.  

If you are a person who doesn’t want any kind of problem and ought for a smooth, relaxing ride, consider hiring a luxury car service.  

Luxury Car Service  

As the name itself contains “Luxury,” this is what you will be delivered in a luxury car service. Luxury car services like ours provide top-notch facilities for their passengers. Our car services are the best, and our drivers are professionals who won’t let you complain about them. We offer a large set of luxurious fleets for you to choose from and offer multiple transport options.   

At this point, you might think that the service would be pretty expensive with all these luxuries. But that’s not the case with us, as we respect our clients’ budgets, and that’s why our services are cheaper than any other luxury car service. Contact us today and enjoy your ride to Chicago Skyline in the smoothest way possible.