Traveling to DC from DCA Reagan National Airport

Traveling to DC from DCA Reagan National Airport

This article compares the various options for getting to downtown Washington, DC from Reagan National Airport (DCA). We compare the DC Metro Rail, shuttle services, taxis, Uber, black car services, and rental automobiles to the DC Metro Rail.


The main benefit of landing at DCA (Reagan National Airport) is that it’s conveniently located and is located on the Metro system’s yellow and blue lines.

 It’s possible to take either line to DC however if you’re heading towards downtown you should take the Yellow line. The yellow line is generally quicker.

 We’ve got a detailed guide on how to take on the Washington DC Metro, which contains tips on how you can buy the Metro Pass.

 From the Reagan National Airport station, it’s just four stops along the Yellow Line to get to L’Enfant Plaza. It takes 12 stops to arrive at the same station that is on the Blue Line.

 Be aware that if your goal is to travel to one of the stations that are on the Blue line that runs beyond L’Enfant Plaza (such as Eastern Market or Stadium Armoury) it is more efficient to take the Yellow Line train from the airport to L’Enfant Plaza and then change to a Blue/Orange/Silver.

But, if you’re in a hurry and are carrying a lot of baggage, especially during rush hour, take a Blue Line train. It’s a longer travel time, but you won’t have to have to try to switch train cars with tons of baggage

Shuttle Service

Many of them are shared services, therefore, the amount of time your trip will depend on the sequence of passenger destinations. Some companies offer direct service at an additional charge.


DCA is located right across from Washington DC and just down the road from major hotels like Crystal City or Pentagon City. This is why Taxis and Ubers/Lyfts can be fairly inexpensive alternatives. The rates will vary depending on which taxi you use (both local DC taxis and local Virginia taxis run from DCA but charge different rates) Also, the exact location you’re taking.

Taxi companies may charge an additional airport cost that is about $3. Additionally, there are additional charges for baggage carried by the taxi driver. Taxis are available at official taxi stands located at baggage claim. In busy times, these lines can become extremely long.

There’s no way of getting through the line, but If you’re traveling along together, have them send them to join in the queue while waiting to collect your luggage.

CAR SERVICE TO AND FROM DCA (Reagan National Airport)

If you’re seeking assurance that you’ll be picked up at the airport in time and driven to your destination on time luxury car service is a good option.

You can book your flight in advance and provide the company with the flight details so they can tell if you’ll be either early or late. When you arrive at DCA the driver you have booked will greet you at the baggage claim area and assist the luggage.

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Driving tips at Reagan Airport

At Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, there are many ground transportation options. Renting a car is preferred by most passengers because they can go wherever they want to, whenever they want. Arlington has many wonderful places to visit. You can see some of these listed below. Here. In 1998, the airport was renamed Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport to honor the 40th President of America, Ronald Reagan. Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority manages the national airport. Dulles International is also managed. Terminal A was constructed in 1941. It is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Reagan National Airport is home to three terminals. Terminal A has 9 gates, and Terminals B and C have 35 gates.

Top 5 Things to Do in Your Rent Car

The Ronald Reagan Airport in Washington DC is located right near the heart and soul of Washington DC. You can see some of the city’s most iconic and stunning sites from this point. These are five things to do in the Washington DC-Ronald Reagan region.

  1. Place flowers at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. The Arlington National Cemetery is home to the tomb. This cemetery has many other places you can visit, including the Arlington National Cemetery where famous people are interred.
  2. Explore Washington DC’s National Mall. A walk down the mall will take you through some of the most stunning architecture in the city, including monuments and views of the White House and US Capitol Building.
  3. Explore the stars and the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum. Enjoy a relaxing trip through space with the Air and Space Museum. Next, get in touch with many rockets by sitting inside a cockpit.
  4. Use a pencil to rub the Vietnam Memorial. This wall is a poignant memorial to all those who died in the Vietnam War. Use a piece of paper and a pencil to trace the names of our fallen soldiers.
  5.  Step back in time at the Smithsonian Holocaust Museum. For those who are interested in learning more about this sad aspect of world history, the museum provides a real-life Holocaust experience. This truly is a unique experience.