Imperial Limo Service takes all the hassle out of airport travel! We are here to show you that airport car service is not only a necessity but also a pleasure. Luxurious fleet, various amenities, polite and courteous chauffeurs – all form an image of exclusivity and style. Why not get to enjoy every part of your trip, from the moment you land? With a professional car service to Newark, no part of your journey has to be a drag. We enable you to have some well-deserved downtime and unwind, if even for a short while. Book online at any time and experience an exclusive airport car service.

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Why choose our car service to Newark

At ILW, we are very selective about who we hire. All our chauffeurs had to go through rigorous interviews, background and reference checks before we could trust them with your safety. Our clients trust us because we trust ourselves and our chauffeurs, and are able to guarantee your safety as a customer. While your safety is a priority, we also make sure our chauffeurs are NYC locals who are fully equipped to take you to from Newark to Brooklyn or JFK in a fraction of time but still safely. Our chauffeurs are experienced drivers who already know the shortest and safest routes. Taking the stress out of car service to Newark airport is our specialty. All you need to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.

why we are #1 car service to newark airport

Whether it’s car service from Newark to JFK or Newark to Brooklyn or any other destination in and near NYC, ILW is the go-to choice of an astounding number of customers. Our lucrative repeat and referral business was built on dedication to punctual, discreet, reliable and exclusive airport car service.
Even though we have built a luxurious airport car service brand, we still maintain affordable prices and flat rates. In fact, we don’t need to overcharge our clients as our business has been growing steadily and shows no sign of stopping. We’re proud of the high standards of service we are able to maintain. Punctuality and customer safety are vital for ILW. When you book our car service Newark airport, our customer support team assigns the most appropriate chauffeur and a fabulous vehicle of your choice. The vehicle comes equipped with bottled water and also free WI-FI, so you can even catch up on some last minute work on your laptop while on your way to or from Newark. There is no downtime unless you want it! Book an appointment with the best car service to Newark airport – we guarantee a stress-free car service experience coupled with maximum comfort and impeccable style that suits your image and needs. Some of our other Services
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Which airport is EWR in New York?

There are three airports in New York and EWR is one of them. EWR stands for Newark Liberty International Airport that’s located at the city limits of Newark and Elizabeth. As an international airport, EWR is one of the busiest in the region and across the country. The airport’s main airline is United Airlines.

Along with two other airports, LGA and JFK, EWR forms the largest and busiest airport system in the U.S. In 2018, EWR was recorded as the eleventh busiest airport in the country with 59.3 million travelers. The airport has three passenger terminals, with each of them featuring three concourses.

Is Newark bigger than JFK?

John F. Kennedy International and Newark Liberty International are the two busiest airports in the NYC area. Both airports are two main choices for international travel, so if you need to book a flight to a remote destination, you’ll have to choose between them.

What you should keep in mind is that JFK is bigger than EWR as it features six terminals while EWR has only three. However, both airports are quite busy, so which one will be the better choice will depend on your personal preferences. Additionally, there are some differences in airlines, so make sure to consider this factor, as well.

Furthermore, it’s important to know that these airports are located in two different parts of the city. So, if you need to change flights between them, make sure to take traffic into consideration. Luckily, you can always count on Imperial Limo Worldwide and our highly experienced team to take you from EWR to JFK or vice versa in next to no time!

How do I get from Newark Airport to NYC?

As one of the busiest cities in the world, NYC is definitely difficult to navigate for first-time visitors. So, if you’re landing at EWR and need to get to New York City, it’s always advisable to research your options in advance and find one that meets your needs.

In general, you can get from EWR to NYC using one of the following ways of transportation:

  • Use the AirTrain. In addition to connecting terminals at EWR, the AirTrain can also take you to NYC. It’s an affordable, convenient option, but you will need to work around its schedule and coordinate with other trains in the city.
  • Get a taxi. Of course, getting a cab is always an option, but it’s an expensive one. In addition to paying a metered fee, you will also need to pay for your luggage if it’s bigger than 24 inches and you need the driver to help you out.
  • Opt for a private shuttle. Private shuttles are also available from EWR, so you’ll have several shuttle companies to choose from. Pricing varies from one provider to another and the same goes for shuttle schedules. However, you may need more time to get to the city.
  • Schedule a private car service. This is definitely the most convenient and comfortable means of transportation around NYC. Your personal driver can greet you at the gate if needed or wait for you by the curb. They can take you to your destination without any hassle, enabling you to sit back and relax.

How do I get from Newark Airport to Manhattan?

All the previously mentioned options will take you to Manhattan. The only difference is how much time you will need to reach the city. If you are not in a hurry and don’t mind the traffic, you can use the AirTrain or a shuttle.
However, if you want to avoid the hassle of switching buses and trains and wasting time in traffic, Imperial Limo Worldwide is the way to go. We’re the #1 transportation company in the area and we’ll be more than glad to take you from EWR to Manhattan without any delay. Our chauffeurs are experienced and knowledgeable, so rest assured they know the area in detail. Rely on our drivers to avoid traffic jams and take you to your destination in a timely, comfortable manner.

How do I get to Newark Airport?

If you need to get from Manhattan or some other part of New York City to Newark Airport, you’ll have several options:

  • Take the Newark Airport Express that goes across the Hudson. It has several stops in Manhattan, including Penn Station, Grand Central Terminal, Chinatown, etc. This bus will take you right to Newark Airport, but make sure to check its schedule.
  • Catch a train from Penn Station and then switch to the AirTrain once you reach the Newark Airport train stop.
  • Take the #62 bus from New York Penn Station. However, you will need to change buses after getting to Newark Penn Station.

Of course, you don’t have to go through this exhausting process of changing buses because you can reach out to Imperial Limo Worldwide. Your designated chauffeur will come to pick you up at the agreed time and location and take you to EWR quickly and efficiently. You don’t have to worry about missing your flight because our team will make sure this doesn’t happen. Your convenience & satisfaction are always our top priority!

Where can I find the finest car service to and from EWR?

You already know the answer – Imperial Limo Worldwide! We’re the leading provider of airport transportation services across the region, serving all three airports. Our team of chauffeurs is highly experienced and more than qualified to take you to your desired destination.

What’s more, we boast a fleet of modern, comfortable vehicles that are regularly serviced and properly maintained. Our services are customizable to your needs, so feel free to share any special requests or preferences. Let us show you how enjoyable a ride through New York City can actually be. Book with us and travel stress-free!