Super Bowl 2022

The Super Bowl is a football event that is awaited eagerly every year. Its the annual championship game of the National Football League. The craze for football is not unknown, and people all around the world are gathered to see that spectacular event. This year it will be played at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California on 13th Feb, 2022.

Other than the game of football itself, the half time show also catches the lime light as it features some of the biggest celebrities in the music industry. The commercials displayed during the super bowl are very expensive, for 30 seconds commercial, the price is about 5 million dollars. This is again because of the reason that it is one of the biggest sport event that is watched by millions of viewers. The day of the match is kept Sunday and after it, there is a local holiday.

Super Bowl can be watched in many places around New York City too. There are many places like Zum Schneider, Slate NY, 230 Fifth Rooftop Bar, and Monarch Rooftop where you can enjoy the match with many other football lovers.

Best places to have food and watch Super bowl in NYC

At Zum Schneider, you can have the best experience because it is the biggest spot for all football lovers. No matter if it is a Soccer world cup, a football world cup, or a super bowl. You can watch the exclusive match and all the mid time shows on a big screen, also there is a large variety of beverages and delicious food you can enjoy along.

Slate NY is the second-best place to watch the super bowl. It is a less crammed place with many big screens available, including a 20ft LCD screen. The food prices are also very reasonable and you can get the best beverages at a low cost.

If you are looking for good food and a buffet then 230 Fifth Rooftop Bar is the best place for you. Here you can have the perfect party and dinner during the event. The tickets here are somewhat expensive but the facilities provided are awesome.

At Monarch Rooftop Lounge, you can have the best Champagne. It is the favourite rooftop bar of many people. There are five large screens so that everyone can have the best view. Their menu consists of numerous tasty dishes that are worth trying.

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