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The Difference Between Executive Chauffeured Car Services and Black Car Services

In the world of luxury transportation, two terms—“executive car service” and “black car service”—are often used interchangeably, even though they’re two different services.

Below, we explain the key differences between executive car services and black car services, and these are differences you should know before booking either service.

An executive car service owns and insures the vehicles it operates. Plus, their chauffeurs are vetted employees, so they’re expected to follow certain rules, guidelines, and procedures.

Black car services, on the other hand, work with independent contractors. They don’t own any vehicles, rather they offer jobs to available drivers, collecting a fee for each assignment.

Vehicles Are Owned & Insured by the Company

Unlike black car services, executive car services own, maintain, and insure all the vehicles in their fleets. Because their vehicles are regularly inspected, updated, and cleaned, every customer who rides with them gets to feel like a VIP.

Black car services, on the other hand, really have no way of thoroughly examining their drivers’ vehicles.

Of course, drivers do have to prove their vehicles meet some basic safety and operating standards before they can be considered for jobs, but these standards are minimal when compared to the ones executive car services hold their vehicles to.

Drivers Are Vetted

Executive car services don’t really have drivers; they employ chauffeurs. These professionals specialize in luxury transportation, and they play an integral role in an executive car service’s business model.

For one, these professionals are employees, and as such they’re expected to follow certain company rules, guidelines, and procedures in order to provide best-in-class service at all times. Chauffeurs also wear a uniform, usually a suit and tie with a black or gray chauffeur’s cap.

The drivers black car services use aren’t thoroughly vetted like executive car service chauffeurs. Plus, since they’re only required to meet minimal service and etiquette standards, they’re not always the friendliest, nor are they very accommodating.

What Kinds of Vehicles Do Executive Car Services Have?

An executive car service can have a number of vehicles in its fleet, including:

  • Sedans (town cars)
  • Stretch limos
  • SUV limos
  • Ultra stretch limos
  • Party buses
  • Luxury shuttles (Sprinters)
  • Hummer limousines

A black car service’s fleet is limited to what’s available at the time. However, they do have large driver pools for each kind of car they offer which is one of the reasons why some people prefer it.

That said, since the vehicles they rely on aren’t regulated by them, there’s always a chance you could get stuck with a vehicle that isn’t in great condition if you use one of these services.

Why Do People Hire Executive Car Services?

People hire executive car services when they need best-in-class luxury transportation for weddings, business meetings, airport travel, special events, ceremonies, sporting events, concerts, proms, and funerals.

No matter the occasion, your chauffeur will pick you up on time, get you to your destination, and provide expert service all the while.

When they arrive, the limo will be spotless, and you’ll be offered complimentary water, alcohol (if all passengers are 21 or older), and a compatible phone charger.

In short, with an executive car service, you can pull up to any destination in style.

Imperial Limo WorldWide: Executive Car Services Done Right

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