Touring the Vast Collections at the American Museum of Natural History

The American Museum of Natural History (AMNH) is one of the world’s most renowned museums. With vast collections spanning hundreds of years and dozens of scientific disciplines, it’s no wonder that millions of people visit the AMNH every year. Touring the AMNH can be daunting – there are over 32 million specimens and artifacts, not including the special exhibits. But with an organized plan, you can see some of the best specimens and exhibits. Learn more here.

The best way to tour the AMNH is in the Hall of Human Origins. This exhibit covers the history of human evolution and development through interactive displays, local artifacts and skeletal remains, and educational opportunities. You can journey through the earliest hominids to modern humans with interactive presentations from world-renown anthropologists. You can explore the entire natural history of our species. Learn more about Hallett Nature Sanctuary: Enjoy a Serene Escape in Central Park.

At the Hall of Dinosaurs, visitors can explore the history of life on earth through a blend of fossils and educational presentations. Spectacularly reconstructed skeletons of dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures will capture your imagination. Interactive displays feature multimedia presentations of some of the most famous dinosaur discoveries.

Touring the American Museum of Natural History should always be a smooth experience. Take your time and explore the many wonders the museum has to offer. From the Hall of Human Origins to the Hayden Planetarium, from the evidence of life from millions of years ago to the latest technological advances, a tour at the AMNH is truly a journey of natural and technological discovery.