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Top Travel Tips for Newark Airport

When it comes to air travel, you have certain conveniences and a level of flexibility that can make your entire experience more enjoyable. As for traveling through Newark Airport, you can find a variety of tips that can help you plan and organize your trip better. For instance, scheduling a time-efficient car service to and from Newark Airport can help you save valuable time and energy.

What’s more, gathering as much information on EWR as possible and learning how to navigate this airport will also help you travel more efficiently and with zero hassle.

What can you do on a Layover in Newark?

If you need to spend several hours at EWR for a long layover, you’ll be happy to hear that there are more than a few things to do to keep yourself occupied and engaged. Of course, this will depend based on how much time you have to spend at the airport, but here are some common layover ideas:

  • Explore local attractions. If you have several hours between your flights, you don’t have to spend the entire time at the airport. Instead, you can explore some nearby attractions such as the Newark Museum. The museum is just 15 minutes away and a great way to spend a five-hour-long layover at EWR.
  • Let off some steam at the airport spa. You can find two spa locations in Terminal C, so if you want a moment of peacefulness or need to get your pedicure or manicure done before you arrive at your final destination, this is the place to be.
  • Stock up on gifts or treat yourself to a few. You can find a range of different stores at the airport, so why not enjoy window shopping at the very least. And if you come across something interesting, you won’t have to worry about buying presents.
  • Boost your energy over a meal. Whether you’re traveling with friends, family or on your own, enjoying some delicious food is bound to be enjoyable. Whether you decide to grab a bite to eat at the airport or in the vicinity, you have several options for great dining.

What is There to Eat at Newark Airport?

Finding a place to eat at EWR won’t be difficult since the airport features plenty of restaurants and eateries. Some of the greatest options are located in Terminal C, so you’ll be able to take your pick.

As for specific menu options, you can expect salads, sandwiches, burgers, pizzas, steaks, pasta, Mexican food, sushi, French dishes and treats, and plenty of other delicious foods. You can also enjoy a glass of wine or some craft beer to make your airport wining and dining experience more complete.

Can I Stay at Newark Airport Overnight?

If you have to spend the night at EWR, it’s important to note that you won’t be able to stay in the secure area. Instead, you’ll have to move to the public zone until the airport opens. This means that you’ll have to cozy up on an airport seat until around 4 a.m.

Additionally, you need to be prepared for cold temperatures at Newark Airport throughout the night. So, you should consider bringing a small blanket or some warm clothes to keep yourself comfortable overnight. Bringing some earplugs and eyeshades can also be helpful.

Finally, it’s generally quite safe at EWR, but you should still inform yourself where exactly you can find security. Staying with your friends or close to other travelers is also advisable, as well as securing your luggage and belongings.

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