What to Know About Food in New York City

It’s hard to say how many restaurants, let alone takeaway corner shops and food carts, there are in New York City. However, it’s probably safe to say that you won’t be able to say you ate at all of them. But just because you can’t eat your way through NYC doesn’t mean you can’t experience the best of the best. The hardest part will be knowing where to start.

Asian Delicacies

From Chinese to spicy Thai, New York has something for everyone. With over two-thirds of Flushing’s population being of Asian descent, it’s impossible not to find an Asian delicacy even for the most discerning of palates. Xi’an Famous Foods is a chain of popular fast-casual restaurants that originated in Flushing. The possibilities are almost endless, and it’s easy to find dishes that are big on flavor but budget-friendly as well. Keep in mind, though, that a lot of places have a cash-only policy.

Coffee & Bagel

New York is renowned for many types of bagels, including pumpernickel and rye. In fact, simply hearing the word bagel can bring out the best and worst in native New Yorkers. When it comes to noshing on bagels, it’s always best to find a corner shop where you can enjoy just about any type of cream cheese you can think of with a traditional cup of black coffee. If you really want to act like a New Yorker, don’t forget to order lox and a black-and-white cookie to go!

Street Food

What would New York be without street food? From hot dogs and gyros to London Broil and/or shrimp kebabs, eating out on the street never tasted so good. Just like Spain is known for paella, New York is known for its street food. When it comes to finding something good to eat, NYC is truly a melting pot. You can food carts on just about every corner and never run out of options. When you think about, it only makes sense that there would be so much diversity when it comes to street food. With so many different cultural groups living in the Big Apple, it’s a given that there’s going to be an abundance of cultural foods at your fingertips.

Whether you are only on vacation or have made New York your new home, taste-testing all the food New York has to offer is only part of the fun. Pick your favorite spots, but don’t forget to step outside your comfort zone as well. New York City has enough variety that everyone’s taste buds can be satisfied!

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