What you need to know about Miami Cruise Port 2022

Tips on How You Can Save Money on a Limo Service

We provide a definitive guide to the best transportation options between Miami Airport and the cruise port. Listed below are ten different modes of transportation, ranging from private shuttles to public buses and MetroMovers.

We offer helpful tips on all the options for individuals, groups, or families traveling with a disabled member so that you can select the most appropriate transportation method. Prices and journey times are included, as well as links and detailed instructions for booking.

We provide all the information necessary to help you make an informed decision, whether you are looking for a low-cost airport shuttle service to the Miami cruise terminal or prefer the convenience and ease of private transportation in maimi.

Which is Miami Cruise Port?

Miami Cruise Port is located on Dodge Island in the sheltered waters of the Intracoastal Waterway. The port is located just 8 miles to the east of Miami International (MIA) Airport and is within the sight of the towering architecture of the downtown area of Miami and Miami Beach/South Beach.

The Best Route to Cruise Port Miami

Miami Cruise Port is connected to Miami International Airport by the bustling Dolphin Expressway (SR 836) which is a fee-based road.

It is right from where the airport is located to Port Miami Tunnel – take the exit that is marked “Miami Beach/MacArthur Causeway” and follow the signs towards Port Miami Tunnel and N. Cruise Blvd.

The trip takes around twelve minutes when traffic is moving efficiently. But, during peak times it can take more than the amount of time!

Toll-Free Route

To avoid paying tolls, from the airport, travel NW17th St to NW 27th Ave then continue east on NW North River Drive. Take exit NW8th St, turn south onto Miami Ave then east on NE5th St which becomes Port Blvd. Then follow the directions to your cruise terminal.

This free route generally lasts at least 30 minutes but can be much longer in peak times. If you’re short on time it’s definitely worth paying the fee (around 2 dollars) for the Dolphin Expressway to ensure you’re on time in time for check-in to your cruise and cruise.

How do I get to Cruise Port Miami from Miami Airport?

Many people who take a cruise from Miami choose to fly to Miami International Airport (MIA). It’s the most convenient and closest airport to the Port of Miami. So, what do you have to choose for transport to the cruise terminal to and from Miami Airport?

Read the review below to find out the best prices for one-way trips. Keep in mind that some of the options are priced per person, whereas others are priced per vehicle. If you’re traveling with an entire family or in a group it can make a significant difference to the overall price!

  • Cruise Shuttle, around $17 for each person
  • Private Shuttle to Airport – between $20 and $40 for each vehicle
  • Taxi: $27 per vehicle fixed rate
  • Uber/Lyft: $20 per vehicle
  • Private Cars – Starting at $100 for a luxury car
  • Private Van – Approximately $125 per vehicle
  • Luxury Limo Cost: $150 for a limousine that is private
  • Miami Train/Metromover/Taxi – $16 per person
  • Bus N/A

Hotel Shuttle is free when you book an overnight stay in a wide range of Miami hotels

Cruise Shuttle to Cruise Port Miami from Miami Airport

The major cruise lines offer the option of booking seats for a shuttle service from an airport to a cruise ship, run by cruise lines. It is possible to reserve a space on the cruise shuttle while making your reservation, either via your agent or through the cruise site.

Low-cost Miami Airport Shuttles to the Cruise Port Miami

In addition to the cruise line’s official shuttles, there are independent shuttles that provide pre-booked transportation from Miami Airport and the cruise port Miami.

They are generally less expensive than cruise lines, and they use minibusses to carry groups of passengers in an individual and shared service.

Companies that offer shared and private shuttle services comprise Jayride, GoAirportShuttle, Airport Shuttles, and American Shuttle.

Taxi to Cruise Port Miami from Miami Airport 

Taxis are a simple and comfortable alternative if you do not have booked a pre-arranged transportation between the airport and Port Miami. The staff will guide you to the nearest available taxi.

Drivers will assist with luggage and will provide an air-conditioned and comfortable journey from the terminal to your cruise in around 12 minutes if traffic is moving easily.

There’s a fixed price that is currently $27 and it’s only for the car. It’s especially affordable for trips with the family or a group of four or more passengers.


Uber and Lyft provide comfortable ride-share services to and from Miami Airport to the cruise port. They typically cost slightly less expensive than taxis (about $20 per car) and offer a more personalized service.

Private Car/Limo Transport

If you’re hoping to take the trip of a lifetime Why not travel to the cruise terminal in a luxurious way?

You can reserve an exclusive Luxury Car or Limousine with the driver to collect you from the airport, then relax and relax during the ride.

The journey should take approximately 12 minutes, and the cost varies from $100 for a luxurious car to 125 dollars for a minivan as well as $150 for a limousine. Public Transport Options from Miami Airport to Cruise Port

Miami Train/Metromover

There is a possibility to go via trains or trams from Miami airport up to the waterfront. However, you’ll need to hire a taxi for the last mile.

Trains operate in intervals of 20 minutes, starting from Miami International Airport Station to Government Center Station. The journey is 15 minutes long costing $2. After that, you must board the Metro Mover (every 5 minutes) to get to Bayfront Park Station. It takes six minutes, and it costs $2.


Buses depart from the airport’s station to the MacArthur Causeway and Fountain Street. But, you’ll require taxis to the port at Dodge Island so it’s not the best option.