NYC Fall Fashion Week: Top Tips for Fashion Lovers

If you’ve been patiently waiting for the iconic fashion event in New York City this fall ever since the winter event, your wait has finally come to an end. No longer do you have to daydream about all the glamorous fashion events taking place across NYC. Instead, you can head to a fashion show directly from LGA and start your visit in style.

If you haven’t already, you should start planning your fashion trip to the city, taking into consideration everything from keeping up with the schedule to booking elegant limousine service to and from LGA. A great number of high-end events await you, so start your fashion adventure the right way!

Where is the Fashion Week in New York?

As you probably already know, Fashion Week shows generally take place at several locations throughout NYC. Some of the main events will bring crowds to Bryant Park, Lincoln Center, Spring Studios, and TriBeCa while others will bring more attention to some unexpected, under-the-radar venues.

Since there’s a great number of interesting NYFW events, the best approach is to take a look at the schedule and see which ones interest you the most. Then, check where and when they will take place, planning your visit and scheduling transportation service accordingly.

Convenience is one of the greatest perks of booking private transportation in addition to traveling like a fashion star. Your personal chauffeur will take you to any destination you want to, following the shortest route possible

Can you Buy Tickets to NYFW?

Of course you can! Becoming a VIP member online brings you the benefit of purchasing tickets effortlessly and the membership comes at the affordable rate of $10 per year. However, keep in mind that some events aren’t open to the public or might be more expensive to attend to. You should inform yourself about the attendance rules at a specific location before buying tickets or making other plans.

Aside from buying tickets for NYFW shows, here are a few other ways you can attend these prestigious events:

  • Register to attend industry events. Unlike open-to-the public shows, these events are available only to buyers and press. You might be able to attend them by contacting a design house or registering with producers. Keep in mind that you may have to pay a fee to get approved, with neither guaranteeing you’ll be admitted.
  • Become a volunteer. This is another great option to be a part of NYFW, especially if you want to get behind the scenes. This can also be a valuable experience if you ever decide to start a career in the fashion industry.
  • Stream online. If you don’t really want to get through crowds to simply attend a fashion show or you haven’t bought tickets for the events that interest you, you can still enjoy the fashion of it by streaming live shows.

How Long is NY Fashion Week?

This year, New York Fashion Week has started on Friday, September 6 and it lasts until Wednesday, September 11. This is a semi-annual event that lasts typically from seven to nine days, with the first one taking place in February.

Of course, NYC is just one of the fashion capitals for Fashion Week. Other events are held in Milan, London, and Paris, so if you’re planning to travel to Europe during the fashion season, these are your must-visit destinations.

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