LaGuardia Airport: Opening Hours and Essential Tips

Traveling by plane is time-efficient and enjoyable, but it requires great time management. Since you need to check-in and get through the security screening, you should always get to LaGuardia Airport on time and leave some breathing room for unexpected delays. If you’re traveling from New Jersey, you might want to book an LGA car service from NJ to eliminate the risk of being late.

If you book an early or late flight, you might find it useful to know when LaGuardia Airport opens, or what the closing hours are. If you arrive too early and have nothing to do until your flight, there are more than a few charming things to do close to LGA , including attending Fashion Week shows or celebrating Valentine’s Day.

When does LaGuardia Airport Open?

LaGuardia airport is quite busy, with millions of travelers booking both national and international flights. Booking an early flight might help you avoid crowds of people if you arrive in a timely manner.

When it comes to LGA hours of operation, the check-in counters open at 4:30 am while the security checks open at 5:00 am.


When to Arrive at LaGuardia Airport?

“So, how early should I get to airport terminals?” is one of the most common questions among travelers. If you travel by plane frequently, you know that sometimes you need ages to go through all the check-ins. So, it’s always better to arrive a bit earlier to avoid missing your flight. Generally, you need to check in at least 30 minutes before your flight.

However, many people wonder what’s early enough. Some people choose to arrive even four hours before their flights while others arrive at the last minute.

When it comes to LaGuardia Airport, you might want to arrive around three hours before an international flight and two hours before a domestic flight. If you happen to be late and need to get through the security checks as quickly as possible, you should pack wisely and avoid carrying prohibited items. If you’re unsure what you can carry on a plane, you should check the guidelines given by the Transportation Security Administration.

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Security Check Waiting Time

How long you will need to go through LaGuardia airport security checks depends on different factors, including peak hours, busy days, holidays, etc. You may arrive only to find a long waiting line, so try to get there as early as possible. When it comes to LGA security wait times, checking your luggage and going through security checks is highly unlikely to be completed in 30 or 45 minutes.

Check-in Waiting Time

When it comes to the LaGuardia check-in process, the waiting time will vary depending on whether you’re flying nationally or internationally. For a domestic flight, you should leave around 45 minutes for checking in while an hour will be enough for an international flight.

The Peak line waiting time for LaGuardia Airport is more than 40 minutes, so you should keep that in mind when planning your schedule.

Walking to Gate Time

When to Leave for LGA?

Depending on where you’re located in New York, you will need some time to reach the airport. You need to plan your schedule carefully and keep in mind that you may miss a bus, get stuck in a traffic jam or cannot find a taxi.

Since you need to be at the airport around two or three hours before your flight, you should plan when to leave for LGA accordingly. You should always keep traffic in mind and be ready to leave your accommodation on time.

New York is a populous and busy city and it usually takes a considerable amount of time to get around it. LaGuardia Airport is closest to Midtown Manhattan, but you may still need around 40 minutes to get from this part of the city to the airport.

How do I get an Airport Ride in New York?

Unless you have a car or a friend can drive you to the airport, you also need to learn different ways to get to LaGuardia Airport. So, you should explore available options and choose the fastest way to get to LGA.

  • Public transportation. There are bus lines that can take you to LaGuardia Airport – Q70 SBS and M60 SBS, with a one-way ticket costing $2.75. These two lines are connected to the subway, Long Island Rail Road and Metro-North Railroad, so you can easily reach them. You can always find additional information about public transportation in NYC.
  • Taxi transportation. You can find different taxi services that can drive you to LGA. However, this is the most expensive transportation option and there are additional fees if you’re traveling to or from an outside part of the city.
  • Airport car service. Booking with an airport car service is the best way to get to LaGuardia Airport. You can schedule it before your trip and your driver will show up at the agreed location and time. Trained chauffeurs know the city, so they can easily avoid traffic jams and unnecessary delays.

What is the Best Airport Limo Service in NYC?

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