LaGuardia Airport: What to Do When You’re Around | Get the Most Out of New York Fashion Week Experience

If you have enough free time to indulge yourself or attend an interesting show before your flight, you might find it useful to learn what you can do near LaGuardia Airport. Although you can explore some of New York’s most popular attractions, such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art, you may want to try something a bit different during the upcoming fashionistas’ season – New York City Fashion Week.

Of course, you need to prepare, book a reliable New York limo service and get into the fashion mood. Other exciting events and sites can be the perfect option if you still don’t know how to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

When is New York City Fashion Week?

If you happen to be in New York from February 8 to 15, you’re in luck because this is the time most fashionistas have been waiting for. New York Fashion Week for Fall/Winter 2019 will be taking place during this exciting period and you can be a part of it!

Once you get your tickets, you should consider how this fits into your flight schedule. Knowing important information, such as how to get to LaGuardia fast or when you should arrive at LGA, will help you plan your trip more efficiently and help you avoid any unnecessary delays.

Where is New York City Fashion Week held?

If you’re ready for a NY fashion adventure, you should also find out where Fashion Week shows are held. These excitingly fabulous shows take place at various locations in New York, so you’ll have more than a few opportunities to explore this city.

Over the years, some of the most important presentations were organized at Spring Studios, located on 6 St Johns Ln, and Industria that features several locations. You will have all the vital information once you purchase a ticket for your preferred Fashion Week show.

How to Attend New York Fashion Week?

Being an avid fashionista isn’t enough to attend one of the most prestigious events in the fashion world. Of course, there are a few events open to the public and you can find all the information needed by staying up to date with NYC Fashion Week schedule. You can find chic boutiques and some of the best stores in the city that are hosting special events and parties for this special occasion.

If you want to feel like a true fashion star, you can go all in and purchase a set of tickets for this popular event. What’s more, if you go with a VIP edition, you’ll get some great perks, too.

Another important piece of advice – if you decide to attend one of the fabulous NY Fashion Week runway shows, make sure to assemble a chic outfit because casual looks aren’t acceptable among the world’s most renowned designers and models.

How to go to New York Fashion Week?

If you decide to go by bus, you can always browse the Metropolitan Transportation Authority maps and schedules for information on public transportation. However, keep in mind that getting around public transportation can be quite hectic, especially during special events such as NYC Fashion Week. Not to mention that you would want to travel in style to such a prestigious event.

Getting a taxi is another possible solution, but be ready for the possibility not to be able to hail one in the area. For maximum convenience, you should consider hiring a limo service, especially if you don’t know the city. This will help you get around easily and arrive for the shows on time. What’s more, you’ll feel like a true VIP member in an elegant limo and with your own personal chauffeur.

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