An Insight into EWR Airport

Whether you’re traveling nationally or internationally, New York offers you the highest level of convenience since it features three airports in its vicinity. If you’ve booked a flight from or to EWR airport, you should gather a few important pieces of information. Learning more about how EWR relates to JFK and LGA can help you with your flight schedule, especially if you have to go from one airport to another.

Luckily, even if you have flights booked at different airports, you can still make it on time and without any hassle by making a few arrangements beforehand. For instance, booking a premium car service LGA to JFK or EWR is a simple way to make your travel experience more enjoyable and less stressful.

So, no matter if you want to celebrate Thanksgiving in NYC or plan to travel abroad, here’s what you need to know about EWR.

Is EWR or LGA Closer to Manhattan?

EWR is located at the boundary between Newark and Elizabeth. In fact, it’s only three miles to the south away from Downtown Newark. On the other hand, LGA is located in the Northern Queens area.

Thus, if you’re staying in one of the most popular NYC neighborhoods, Manhattan, you may be wondering which of these two options is closer and more convenient. Simply put, EWR is your best option if you’re staying in Manhattan. The airport is located nine miles to the west and southwest of this neighborhood.

You have multiple transportation options from EWR to Manhattan, including:

  • Taxi is always an option, but frequently not the best one. To reach Manhattan, you may have to pay up to $100, as well as bridge tolls. Additionally, you can get stuck in traffic, especially if you don’t find an experienced taxi driver.
  • Public transportation is another possibility and it’s an affordable one. You can choose between the subway and taking a bus. Information on NYC public transportation is available on the MTA website.
  • Car service is a convenient, hassle-free solution, especially for NYC first-timers. Your trusted chauffeur will greet you at the agreed location and take you to your destination without any unnecessary delay.

How Far is EWR Airport from JFK Airport?

Are you spending Christmas in New York City, but only for a couple of days, so you want to make the most of your time? But, what if your arriving flight is at EWR while you’re departing from JFK that’s located in Queens? Although this is certainly an inconvenience, you can easily resolve it.

First things first, these two airports are 33.1 miles apart if you take Belt Pkwy and I-278 W. If you take I-95, they are 41.2 miles apart. Since there’s no direct line between EWR and JFK, you should consider booking transportation with a private company. They will provide you with the highest level of dependability and comfort. Taking a cab is the other option, but get ready to pay a sizeable amount of money.

Why is it Called EWR Airport?

You may be wondering what EWR actually means and you’re not the only one. In fact, EWR is actually called Newark Liberty International Airport, with EWR being its airport code. But, why EWR?

The International Airport Association issues these codes to distinguishes between airports. At some point, airport codes changed from two to three letters. Codes starting with N were then reserved by the Navy, so EWR is actually comprised of NEWARK.

How many Runways does EWR have?

Newark Liberty International Airport has three runways in total:

  • 11/29: This runway is used when strong crosswinds prevent the air traffic on the two other runways, as well as for smaller aircraft.
  • 4R/22L: Landings are typically scheduled at this runway.
  • 4L/22R: Takeoffs are reserved for this runway. This runway is parallel with the 4R/22L runway.

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