What is the Average Wedding Limousine Cost?

Wedding limousines are popular for couples looking to add style and convenience to their special day. Hiring a limo or luxury chauffeur service for the wedding can be expensive, so it is important to understand the factors influencing the cost.

Limousines come in various sizes and styles, from classic stretch cars to SUVs or party buses. They also range in price depending on the type of car rented, the number of hours needed, the distance traveled by the driver, and any additional amenities requested.

Factors Influencing Limousine Costs

Geographical differences, such as state and city locations, can affect the cost of renting a limousine for a wedding. The demand for limousines in specific regions and cities may also impact pricing. Seasonal rates during peak times, such as prom season or holidays, will likely be higher than during off-peak periods. 

Other fees associated with the rental of a vehicle, including fuel costs, extra mileage charges, parking fees, and gratuity, should also be factored in when estimating the total cost of renting a limousine for one’s wedding day. These additional fees can vary depending on the location and type of service provided by different companies.

Average Cost of a Budget Limousine

Generally, budget limousines are competitively priced and commonly include different features, such as luxury seating, safety features, climate control systems, plush interiors, and audio/video entertainment. It is important to note that the cost may also depend on any additional services the company offers or special customer requests.

On average, a budget limousine rental for weddings can range anywhere from $200-$500 depending on the type of vehicle rented and other factors such as availability and location. However, finding more affordable options within this range is possible if one shops around for deals or opts for basic models with fewer amenities.

Average Cost of a Luxury Limousine

The price of a luxury limousine rental can vary greatly depending on the features included and other factors such as availability and location. During peak demand times, such as prom season or holidays, the cost of a luxury limousine rental may be higher than expected due to increased requests.

The duration of the rental will affect the total cost. A luxury stretch limousine for one hour may have a different rate than renting for three hours. Most luxury limousine companies charge an hourly rate that increases with the size and type of vehicle. More luxurious vehicles tend to have higher hourly rates than more basic models.

Additional Fees to Consider

Fuel surcharges are among the most common fees for renting a luxury limousine. Depending on the company and circumstances, fuel charges may apply for each hour or miles driven in addition to the hourly rate for the limo rental.

Additionally, some companies require customers to book their vehicles for an hour minimum regardless of how long they need the vehicle, which can increase costs significantly if only a short trip is planned. It is important to carefully review all policies and fees before signing any contracts or committing to any services so that no unexpected costs are incurred during your special day.


For budget options, expect to pay around $90 an hour, while luxury services can range from $125-$175 per hour. Besides hourly rates, additional fees such as late-night surcharges and gratuity should also be considered.

To save money on your wedding limo service, book during off-peak times or choose a more affordable option that still meets your needs. By researching in advance and being aware of all potential costs associated with hiring a limousine service for your wedding day, you can determine the best option for you and your budget.

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